The Hit

What is The Hit?

The Quick version

The Hit is a multiplayer stealth-shooter, set in an open-world city. Kill your target as quickly and cleanly as possible, before other players get there first. Try to stay incognito, or photograph other players and take out hits on them.



The Long version

The Hit is an experimental narrative project, with the aim of creating dynamic, free-flowing narratives around the player's actions in a complex and open world. The system I've designed requires an environment large and complex enough to introduce new elements (characters, props, etc.) without breaking the flow of gameplay, a layered interaction system which enables the player to interact with the world on multiple levels (I'll get into exactly what that means later, once all the layers are in place), and 'behind-the-scenes' constructor and narrative agents. The narrative agent will control plot and pacing, while the constructor will create characters, props and scenes in realtime.



The Hit