Free Version


The Hit Free Version

I've put a free build of The Hit online. If you just want to grab it, then click on the link below, and scroll down to where it says 'Download Demo'.

The Hit Free Version on

I'll update it alongside the paid version, so they'll have the same content, with one important exception: there will be no inventory in the free version. So you won't be able to carry weapons, equipment, money or keys. I'll still try to make it as interesting and enjoyable as possible, but you won't be committing any crimes.

There is one very important thing you can do in the free version, and that's visit my development gallery. That's just across the street and down the road a little way from the hotel you start in. There's a bunch of pictures there, and some stuff to read if you're interested in what I'm doing. I'll be adding more as I go on, so I hope you'll come back and visit.

I'm going to try and update both versions on a weekly basis, but that'll depend on how much time I need to spend working on other things. If you want to help me stay focused on The Hit, then please buy me a coffee with the button below.